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We spent many hours on research to finding ibm laptop power supply, reading product features, product specifications for this guide. For those of you who wish to the best ibm laptop power supply, you should not miss this article. ibm laptop power supply coming in a variety of types but also different price range. The following is the top 9 ibm laptop power supply by our suggestions

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ZOZO 90W AC Universal Laptop Charger for HP Dell Toshiba IBM Lenovo Acer ASUS Samsung Sony Fujitsu Gateway Notebook Ultrabook Chromebook DC Output 15V 16V 18.5V 19V 19.5V 20V Power Adapter Supply Cord

Last update was on: Friday, October 2, 2020

UL Listed Pwr Long 6 Ft 3 Prong AC Laptop Power Cord Cable for Dell IBM Hp Compaq Asus Sony Toshiba Lenovo Acer Gateway Notebook Computer Charger Spare: IEC-60320 IEC320 C5 to NEMA 5-15P

Last update was on: Friday, October 2, 2020

65W USB-C Power Supply Laptop Charger for Lenovo ThinkPad p52s t480 t480s t580 t580p p53s t590 t490s t490 t495 t495s X1 Carbon 6th Gen Yoga 920 C930 730-13IKB,4x20m26268

Last update was on: Friday, October 2, 2020

Newding 90W Universal Laptop Charger, Notebook AC Power Adapter for HP Dell Toshiba IBM Lenovo Acer ASUS Samsung Sony Fujitsu Gateway Notebook Ultrabook Chromebook 15V 16V 18.5V 19V 19.5V 20V Supply

Last update was on: Friday, October 2, 2020

Newding 90W Adapter, can charge laptops 90W or under 90W.
Product Parameters
Input voltage:AC 100-240V,
Output voltage: DC 15V, 16V, 18. 5V, 19V, 19. 5V, 20V, Wide Voltage Range from 15V to 20V, max 90W.

High Quality AC Cord
8.8FT Line length

Automatic Voltage Adjustment
The tips will adjust the right voltage auto matically when connected. Every tip has voltage value and number on it.

Compatible models:
M1:15V 4.5A , Dimension 6.3*3.0mm for Toshiba
M4:18.5V 4.5A, Dimension 4.8*1.7mm for Compaq
M5:19V 4.5A, Dimension 5.5*2.5mm for Acer, Compaq, HP, Fujitsu, Cateway Toshiba, Liteon, ASUS
M6: 19V, Dimension 5.0*1.4mm.
M8: 19.5V, Dimension 6.0*1.4mm
M9: 19.5V, Dimension 7.4*0.6mm
M10: 20V, Dimension 11*5.0mm, for Lenovo
M11: 20V, Dimension 7.9*0.9mm, for IBM
M12: 20V, Dimension 7.4*0.6mm, for HP
M13: 19V, Dimension 4.0*1.7mm, for Lenovo
M18: 19V, Dimension 3.0*1.0mm, for ASUS
M19: 19V, Dimension 4.0*1.35mm, for ASUS
M20: 19V, Dimension 5.5*1.7mm, for Acer
M21: 19.5V, Dimension 4.5*3.0mm, for HP
M22, 19.5V, Dimension 4.5*3.0mm, for Dell
M28: 19.5V, Dimension 4.8*1.7mm for HP laptop compatible models

Package include: 
1 x AC power Cord,
16 x tips

DTK 20V 4.5A 90W 0B46994 USB Ac Adapter Laptop Computer Notebook Charger PC Power Cord Supply Source Plug for Lenovo ThinkPad T440 T550 T440S L540 (20V 3.25A 65W Compatible) Connector Size: 11 x 5mm

Last update was on: Friday, October 2, 2020

Reparo 90W 40Y7659 92P1109 AC Power Adapter Charger for IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T60 T61 X60 Z60 Z61 X61 R61 R60 X200 T400 T410 T420 T500 T510 T520 T530 417032U SL300 SL400 L412 L420 L430 L512 L530 R400

Last update was on: Friday, October 2, 2020

Compatible Models:
IBM ThinkPad
Lenovo ThinkPad T400 T410 T500 X120e X200 X201 X220 X300 T60 X60 R60 Z60 Series
Lenovo Z60M Z60T 3000 C100 N100 V100 Series
IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T60 Type 1951
IBM/Lenovo T60 Z60 Series
IBM ThinkPad X60 1706, 1707, 1708, 1709 , 2509, 2501
IBM ThinkPad X60s 1702, 1703, 1704, 1705, 2507, 2508, 2533
IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad Essential Port Replicator
IBM ThinkPad R60e
IBM ThinkPad Z60 Series:
ThinkPad Z60, ThinkPad Z60m, ThinkPad Z60t
IBM ThinkPad Z61 Series:
ThinkPad Z61e, ThinkPad Z61t IBM
ThinkPad T60 Series: ThinkPad T60, ThinkPad T60p

IBM/Lenovo 3000 Series:
Lenovo 3000 C100
Lenovo 3000 N100
Lenovo 3000 V100

Compatible Part Number
40Y7699, 40Y7659, 40Y7660, 40Y7661, 40Y7662, 40Y7664, 40Y7665
92P1104, 92P1111, 92P1154, 92P1156, 92P1158, 92P1160, 92P1161, 92P1212
92P1253, 92P1254, 92P1255, 93P5026, 92P1105, 92P1109, 92P1110, 92P1113, 92P1114
FRU 92P1104 FRU 92P1106, FRU 92P1108, FRU 92P1110 FRU 92P1112, FRU 92P1114
FRU 92P1153, FRU 92P1157, PA-1650-161, PA-1650-171, PA-1900-171

90w Universal Ac Laptop Charger Power Adapter for Hp Compaq Dell Acer Asus Toshiba IBM Lenovo Samsung Sony Fujitsu Gateway Notebook Ultrabook

Last update was on: Friday, October 2, 2020

Universal Laptop Charger 90w
High-speed Charging, Multi Safety Protection, 99% compatibility for most brand laptop and ultrabook.

Chargesmart™ Technology
Powerful Smart Voltage Current Management Technoloy, choose the right connector to connect your laptop, it will deliver a fitting Voltage for your laptop, easy and safe.

Global Worry-Free Warranty
At Belker, we believe in our products. We back them all with an 12-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support.

Optimal Connectors. 99% compatibility
M04: 18.5v 4.8*1.7mm for HP pavilion COMPAQ presario notebook
M05: 19.0v 5.5*2.5mm for Acer Compaq Delta HP Fujitsu Gateway Toshiba
M06: 19.0v 5.0*3.0mm for Samsung
M08: 19.5v 6.5*4.4mm for Sony vaio
M09: 19.5v 7.4*5.0mm for Dell xps inspiron vostro latitude portege notebook
M10: 20.0v 11*5.0mm Square for Lenovo ideapad yoga 2 pro notebook
M11: 20.0v 7.9*5.4mm for Lenovo IBM Thinkpad notebook
M12: 18.5v 7.4*5.0mm for HP pavilion notebook
M13: 19.0v 4.0*1.7mm for Dell HP Compaq Lenovo Toshiba notebook
M18: 19.0v 3.0*1.0mm for Asus zenbook Acer Samsung AtivBook notebook
M19: 19.0v 4.0*1.35mm for Asus new notebook
M20: 19.0v 5.5*1.7mm for Acer aspire travelmate Gateway Hp Dell ASUS Liteon Delta notebook
M21: 19.5v 4.5*3.0mm for HP Envy sleekbook laptop ultrabook
M22: 19.5v 4.5*3.0mm for Dell inspiron 11 13 15 latitude 15 ultrabook notebook
M28: 19.5v 4.8*1.7mm New for Hp Envy Sleekbook 4 6 Ultrabook

Important Note
Please ensure the connector size and output voltage match your need before charging your laptop. Prohibit the use of overload. If not find the right connector for your laptop, please contact us.

PowerSource 65W 45W 20V UL Listed Extra Long 14Ft AC-Adapter-Charger for Lenovo-ThinkPad X1 Carbon (2nd 3rd 4th Gen ONLY!) T Series T470 T470S T460 T450 T440 Z50-75 Z50-70 Laptop Power Supply Cord

Last update was on: Friday, October 2, 2020

*THIS CHARGER IS NOT A USB TYPE C CHARGER! Please check the “Connector Compatibility” photo before purchasing.

This charger has been tested to ensure compatibility with the following Lenovo laptops:

  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Generations. IMPORTANT! Compatible with 2nd 3rd 4th Gen X1 Carbon ONLY! If you are using a 1st generation X1 Carbon, your laptop will say “20V 4.5A” on the bottom – this charger is not compatible with 1st generation X1 Carbon! If you are using a newer-generation X1 Carbon, your laptop requires a USB Type-C connector – please check the “Connector Compatibility” photo before purchasing if you are unsure!
  • Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga 1st Generation IMPORTANT! X1 Yoga 1st Generation ONLY!
  • Lenovo Yoga 2 11 11E 12 13 730-15
  • Lenovo T Series T431s T440 T440p T440s T450 T450s T460 T460s T470 T470s T550 T560 T570 TP25
  • Lenovo X Series X240 X240S X250 X260 X270
  • Lenovo Z Series Z50 Z50-70 Z50-75
  • Lenovo E Series E431 E440 E450 E455 E460 E465 E470 E475 E531 E540 E550 E550c E555 E560 E565 E570 E575
  • Lenovo L Series L440 L450 L460 L470 L540 L560 L570
  • Lenovo B Series B40-30 B50-30 B50-35 B50-70 B5400
  • Lenovo S Series S431 S440 S531 S540
  • Lenovo P40 Yoga P50S P51S W550S HELIX Edge 2 S41-70 IdeaPad 300
  • Lenovo Flex 2 Flex 3 Flex 14
  • Lenovo G Series G50 G50-45 G51-35 G500
  • P/N: PA-1650-72 PA-1650-37LC ADP-65FD B 45N0292 0B47030 45N0256 888014997 42T5004 54Y8868 4X20E53336 0A36258 36200251 ADLX45DLC2A ADLX45NDC2A ADLX65NDC2A ADLX65NLC2A ADLX65NLC3A ADLX65NDC3A ADLX65NDT3A ADLX65NDC3 ADLX65NCC2A ADLX65SLC2A 36200249 36200288 36200253 36200292 0A36271 45N0321 45N0322 45N0313 45N0314 0C19868 0B47455

LXHY 20V 4.5A 90W Laptop Charger Compatible with Lenovo IBM ThinkPad Z60 Z60t Z61 X201 X220 X300 X301 X60s T60 T61 T400 T410 T420 T430 T500 T510 T520 T530 Edge 14 15 E420 E430 E530 AC Power Adapter

Last update was on: Friday, October 2, 2020

About Us
We come in a variety of power adapters and batteries. After years of experience, we have a highly skilled and experienced senior R&D design team to provide customers with lower prices and better products.

Compatible Numbers
40Y7659 40Y7660 40Y7661 40Y7662 40Y7663 40Y7664 40Y7665 40Y7666 40Y7667 40Y7668 40Y7669 40Y7670 40Y7671 40Y7672 40Y7673 40Y7674 40Y7696 40Y7697 40Y7698 40Y7699 40Y7700 40Y7701 40Y7702 40Y7703 40Y7704 40Y7705 40Y7706 40Y7707 40Y7708 40Y7709 40Y7710 40Y7711 42T5275 42T5283 42T4421 42T4417 42T4428 42T4429 42T5282 42T4423 42T4419 92P1104 92P1105 92P1106 92P1107 92P1108 92P1109 92P1110 PA-1650-161 PA-1900-171 PA-1900-08I

Compatible Laptop Models
Lenovo ThinkPad L: L410; L412 0553 0585 4403 4404; L420 7827 7854 7856; L421; L430 2465 2466; L510; L512 2597 2598 4444 4447; L520 7860; L530

Lenovo ThinkPad T: T400; T410; T410si; T420; T420S; T420i; T430; T430s; T430u 3351 3352 6273 8614; T500; T510; T510i; T520 4239 4240 4242 4243; T520i; T530 2392 2394 2429; T60 1952; T60p; T61 6459 6463 6464 7658 7659 7661

Lenovo ThinkPad X: X100E 2876 3508; X120E 0596 0611 0613; X130E 0622 0627 2338 2339; X131E 3367 3368 3372 6283; X140E 20BL; X200; X201; X200S; X200T; X201i; X201S; X201T; X220 4287 4290 4291 4294 4296 4298 4299 7454; X220i 4286; X220T; X230T; X300; X230 2320 2324 2325 3435 3437 3438; X301 2776; X60 1706 1707 1708 1709 2509 2501 6363; X60s 1702 1703 1704 1705 2507 2508 2533; X61 7675 7676; X61LS; X61s

Lenovo ThinkPad B490; B590 5935 5936 5941; R400 7440; R61 7733; R61i 7650 7732; S230u 20C4 3347 5933; SL300; SL400; SL410 2842; SL500; SL510 2847; Z60; Z60m; Z60t; Z61; Z61e; Z61m; Z61p; Z61t; R500; R61e; R60; R60e; R60i; W500

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 019929U 01994JU 030245U 0578-47B 0578F7U 11 13 0196; Edge 14 0199 0578 0579; Edge 15 0301 0302 0319 E220S 5038 E420 1141 E425 E420S 4401 E430 3254 6271 E430c 3365 E520 1143 E525 1200 E530 3259 6272, E530c 3366 E535 3260 E545 20B2


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